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About Me

I am Alyssa Sadang, a wife, mother, and the CEO of Huaka Lashes and Body. I met my husband while we worked together at a local hotel and needless to say, I had a crush on the chef. We married three years later with both of our daughters in attendance and it was one of the best days of my life! 


A lot of my creativity comes from seeking change to what traditional esthetics studios can offer. I push limits, take risks, and lean into my intuition in all aspects of life. My core value is to enhance my community and by extension, my nation.

Get to know us

Our Story

Huaka Lashes and Body was founded in 2020 after witnessing many women struggle with mental health during the COVID pandemic. Our passion formed from helping women discover their self-confidence again. Clients were able to unwind from any unwanted triggers and fully relax the mind and body. We did this by providing quality services and products that cultivate a relaxing experience. Huaka Lashes and Body is where artistry and Huaka (brilliance) meet. 

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